Mission, Vision & Goals


It is our mission at Whitington to develop independent life skills that lead to self-sufficient families.

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Whitington Homes & Services


It is our vision that all children, youth, and families are independent, self-sufficient and contributing members of society.

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  • Ensure safety and optimum growth opportunities for referred children and families.
  • Maintain a culture that promotes learning and strives for excellence.
  • Achieve reunification or other appropriate permanency for children as quickly as possible.
  • Design and maintain a service delivery system which is child-centered, family-focused, community-based and outcome-oriented.
  • Develop and manage a collaborative multi-disciplinary array of services which are immediately accessible, seamlessly integrated, fiscally accountable and dynamically linked with other services.


  • IARCA – The Indiana Association of Residential Child Care Agencies
  • National Coalition of Family Based Services
  • Non-Profit Association
  • Better Business Bureau