Child Mental Health Wraparound Services

The Child Mental Health Wraparound Services (formally called CA-PRTF) provides a program for children and youth with serious emotional problems that will allow your family to receive extra help in your home and have more say about the type of help you get.

It does not matter what type of family you have: adoptive, foster, single parent, two-parent, or guardianship.

Special grant services will also be covered that Medicaid does not usually cover.

These services include:

  • transportation
  • training and support for you, other family members, and or friends who help take care of your child
  • consultative clinical and therapeutic services
  • respite care
  • flexible funds to purchase one time/occasional things related to your child’s plan of care
  • rehabilitation services
  • wraparound facilitation


This is a self referral program and you are given the freedom to choose your own providers from a list of qualified agencies and individuals.