Foster Home Studies

Whitington Homes & Services

Who Is This Program For?

Whitington provides Home Studies for families who want to become foster parent(s) and for current foster homes who need an update or re-licensing.

A home study is an information gathering and evaluation of the family and home environment that records a recommendation as to the ability of the prospective parent to meet the needs of the child(ren).

The home is evaluated in the following areas:

  • parent/child relationships;
  • education
  • family history
  • discipline methods
  • support systems
  • sibling relationships
  • references
  • expectations
  • experience with children
  • reasons for applying
  • childrens behavior
  • interests and activities
  • areas of tension/conflict
  • employment history
  • adequacy of home


These services are performed in the home and completed within 60 days of referral.