Home-Based Services

Family Center Casework

Home-based Family Centered Casework is a strength based service that identifies areas of need and focuses on short and long term goals to reduce safety risks for children. Services provided include, but are not limited to, parenting education, money management, child development education, community referrals, and behavior modification.

Supervised visitation is also provided to clients and their children, both in and out of the home. Case Managers safely maintain children in their homes, preserve, support, stabilize and promote the well-being of families. They also help facilitate reunification of children back home. Services occur within 48 hours of referral and include a 24/7 crisis intake and intervention.


Therapy Services

family-therapyThe Home-based Therapy Services provide a combination of the following services to families and individuals: conflict management, communication skills, anger management, REBT therapy, behavior modification, grief work, and relapse prevention. Therapy is given in the natural home environment of families who need assistance recovering from physical, sexual, emotional abuse, and neglect.

A core specialization that our Therapist are trained in is called Play Therapy. There is a desperate need in our community to address the needs of children who have endured trauma in the form of physical, sexual, emotional abuse, and multiple levels of neglect. Play therapy is a valuable tool and can be performed with children of any age thru adulthood. Play is a natural form of communication and allows children and adults alike to express traumatic events that may have occurred pre-verbally. Play therapy uses two methods of interaction directive and non directive play. Play therapy can be used to address a multitude of behaviors including but not limited to aggressive acting out behaviors, withdrawn self-destructive behaviors, grief and loss issues, hearing impairment, difficulties with self-concept and self-esteem, trauma, speech difficulties, autism, aggression and chronic illness.

Therapy services are provided by a qualified master level therapist and include 24/7 crisis intake, intervention, and consultation.