The Story of Monica: The Perseverance of a Mother

The Story of Monica: The Perseverance of a Mother

It’s not always comfortable sharing the raw stories behind our work: Families living in chaos, children hurt and neglected, generations of continued drug use and legacies of struggle. As uncomfortable as it may be, we believe it is important to be transparent in order to accurately and honestly express the importance of community support for these families.

The story below is a true story shared by a Whitington Case Manager. This story exemplifies the dedication to our mission of helping develop independent life skills that lead to self-sufficient families. Often, we get to experience moments of complete pride when seeing the positive impact our services can have on families in need, such as the case with Monica and her family.

The Story of Monica: The Perseverance of a Mother

Monica was a victim of domestic violence, and due to the physical head trauma, she suffered during her relationship, she later developed epilepsy. After giving birth to her youngest daughter in 2017, she had a psychosis episode while in the hospital. The Department of Child Services was notified by the hospital due to the concern for the well-being of the children. They chose to initiate an informal adjustment, and to allow Monica to maintain the children in her home with supervision from the department and case management services*.
*Case Management involves planning and implementing ways to allow for individuals and families to maintain the greatest degree of health, safety, independence, and quality of life.

Monica and her two daughters were referred to us for the case management needs. When the case started Monica was isolated and kept her family’s needs to herself. However, as we worked with Monica and began to establish relationship with her, we became a major source of support to Monica; she was able to get connected with a domestic violence therapist and a support group.

 We also helped assist Monica with the process of applying for Social Security Disability and getting connected with specialist to maintain her epilepsy. The entire time Monica’s case has been open, she has been able to maintain her health needs and the upkeep of her home which has allowed her to maintain custody of her daughter.  This was Monica’s primary goal and also her greatest accomplishment!  

 I have seen her make great improvements with her self-esteem.  It has been amazing to watch Monica find herself again, and such a touching experience to be a part of.  There is no better reward for us, at Whitington, than to report that her case will successfully be closed out at the end of August!


This is just one of the heartrending stories of our Case Managers and the lives they help shape.  Through your support of events like our Annual Whitington Wine Down or generous donations to our organization, we are able to continue to offer services like Case Management to mom’s like Monica. If you want to help support our mission to make a difference in the families within our community you can attend the upcoming Whitington Wine Down, make a donation or simply help us spread the word about who we are and what we do.

We sincerely appreciate your support!

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